Dreamwalker : Spirit Portals is now available as a printed version on CreateSpace! Order Here.  For a digital copy, you can order the kindle version here!  
An original story that I wrote and adapted into a 52 page graphic novel, I self-published this work in 2011 and sold at San Diego Comic Con International. I also made 2nd and 3rd edition prints at Seattle Emerald City Comic con spring of 2012 and 3rd editions printed in winter 2012. This is the first time that I have made it available online for everyone!  
I am offering this as a 122 page book, included are original 52 pages of the graphic novel, extra comic pages I drew that I never used, concept sketches and development, dream and spiritual writings, and an excerpt of a novel adaptation of this book that I am working on!  
I toiled and spent many hours working on this graphic novel for the early part of 2011 throughout late spring of 2011. A complete novice at the time, this is one of my earlier works. If you've seen recent other projects - my style of drawing has completely evolved into something much different.  
To read more about dreams and astral travel, check out my personal writing blog  at  www.awakebutstilldreaming.com 
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